Taiwan [2045]

Go! Center #2045


Taiwan is currently the strongest democracy in Asia.  Freedom of religion and freedom of speech is greatly valued.  Missionaries are respected, and Christians have influence in society. Evangelism is allowed, and churches are allowed to freely operate. Western nations are highly respected, and citizens from western nations are welcome and accepted by the Taiwanese.

Taiwan’s current political situation stems from the founding leader of modern Taiwan, a Christian, who lost the civil war in China seventy years ago. Taiwan stands strong and is working toward international recognition.

Public and private students learn English in school and in after-school programs. The government’s vision for Taiwan is to become bilingual by 2030 which opens a great door of opportunity for AIMers from the USA, Canada, and other English-speaking nations.

Transportation is very convenient in Taiwan by high-speed train, public buses, and subway systems in the larger cities. Roads are well maintained, and bicycles and scooters can be easily rented. Local food is inexpensive, delicious, and safe to eat, and there are western-style coffee shops, western restaurants, and local grocery stores stocked with foreign items.

Taiwan has been very successful in controlling Covid, and western-style hospitals and clinics offer excellent low-cost healthcare.

The island of Taiwan is tropical, has many mountains with well-maintained trails, beaches, and many opportunities for nature-filled adventure. Hiking the multitude of scenic locations and biking the coastline are both national hobbies.


Do you have these qualifications?

Called, Humble, Flexible, Listener, Learner, Team Player, Fearless

  1. Receive Your Local Pastor’s Approval
  2. Contact the local overseeing representative through the contact form below.
  3. After your initial contact, fill out an online AIM Application.
  4. Begin visa application process upon approval.

*Currently Covid restrictions will only allow people who are willing to give a one-year commitment (by becoming a language student or by signing a teaching contract with a school) to enter the country.

Tourist visas are not available at this time due to Covid. When the country reopens, tourist visas are 90 days for Americans and 180 days for Canadians.

Student visas are available through nationally recognized Chinese language study programs.

Excellent work visas opportunities are available for certified teachers who gain employment through K-12 schools.

International and private schools offer the highest pay and benefits.

Information about local universities and employment opportunities can be received when speaking with the local supervising missionary.


Having lived and worked for God in 3 Asian nations since 2007, we will teach and train you to effectively minister in Asian culture.  We will teach you principles and methods of evangelism and discipleship. You will have the opportunity to implement these principles and methods into actual practice. Training is specifically designed to help you develop into the person Jesus sees you becoming in His Kingdom.

If you are called to Asia, are humble, willing to learn and sacrifice, are flexible, and want to join a team of people who are radically passionate about Jesus, then you should seek the counsel of your pastor regarding this excellent opportunity, make contact with us, then begin your AIM journey to Asia.

*Upon appointment, the final budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.





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