Associates in Missions (AIM) is the entry-level associate program. AIMers may then advance to the Associate Missionary Program (AMP) if they desire a longer overseas commitment.


  • Have you been dreaming of becoming a missionary?
  • Do you have the experience of an AYC trip or a “Next Steps Program” assignment?
  • Would you be 18 years old by your desired departure date?
  • Are you a seasoned minister or saint looking for a way to expand your ministry to include people from other nations?
  • Do you have talents to share with any field in need of your area of expertise?
  • Have you seen something in our Go! Center that caught your eye?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then there is a good chance you’re ready to plunge into a minimum two-month assignment as an Associate In Missions.



  • Application
  • Recent Photo on light background
  • References
    • Non-UPCI Licensed Applicant
      Pastoral, Personal
    • UPCI Licensed Applicants
      Pastoral, Personal, District Superintendent
    • Sister Organization
      Pastoral, Personal, UPCI Minister
  • $103 Processing Fee
  • Signed Insurance Waiver


Please review this section to get a bird’s eye view of the process.

One - Fill out the online application

You’ll need a few things on hand before you begin, like your pastor’s email, a photo you can upload for use in a PIM form, and a few other odds and ends. You’ll also need to be at least eighteen years old by the date of your departure. You’ll find the complete list when you start the application itself. And you can pause the application whenever you need to for up to 30 days. There are separate applications for singles and families (couples), so be sure you get the right one.


We now collect the application fee online using our favorite non-profit processor, Mobile Cause. Once you’re approved you can use Mobile Cause too if you’d like to collect funds deposited directly to your GM project, complete with tax-deductible receipts for your donors. Not only can people give one-time donations but can also sign up for re-occurring automatic withdrawals. Sweet, right?


After paying the app fee, you will need to digitally read, sign and have witnessed the Insurance Liability Waiver. This basically says you won’t hold us responsible if something happens to you while on the field. We need this before your application can move to the next phase.


When you hit submit, automated requests for input to your two, or three, references will be sent. Once we hear them, we can move your application along to the missionary, Regional Director, and in some cases to a local national representative. Check with your references and if they haven’t received the request for a recommendation for some reason–a wrong email addres or a message that ended up in a spam/junk mail folder–we’ve got you covered. Below are the links you can share with them. Please make sure you use the right ones, or your application may be delayed.

Pastor (everyone who applies)

Personal (everyone who applies)

District Superintendent (Licensed with the UPCI)

UPCI Minister (applicants from a sister organization)


Once we have the references from your side and the field side of things, your file will go to the Global Missions Administrative Committee (GMAC) for approval (they meet once/week). Upon approval we’ll send you an email. Then we will follow that up with a Priority Mail AIM approval packet which will contain your Global Missions (AIM) project code and your budget. Hurah for “Fundraising Time!”



We are excited that you are interested in AIM!  Current opportunities can be found at the Go! Center

Associates Guidebook

You will use this to find answers to just about every AIM or AMP question you have along the way. Please familiarize yourself with it.




Once we receive your application, Insurance Liability Waiver, and processing fee, we will hold everything in a packet until we receive the 2 or 3 required recommendations.



Once we receive all parts of your application and recommendations, your information will be checked, missionaries and regional directors contacted to secure letters of invitation. This can take several weeks. Please don’t hesitate to check with us if it seems like it’s taking a long time.



Once the initial approval is given, we will forward a working budget to you so you may begin raising funds.



Purchase international insurance or country-specific insurance before departure to the field unless advised otherwise by your supervising missionary. Take the online Emergency Preparedness Training through Fort Sherman Academy (pg. 18 of the Associates Guidebook).



Once you have your funds in place (we typically like AIMers to have roundtrip airfare and the bulk of funds in their account before departure), call or email to give us a departure date and schedule your outbound orientation. By this time you will have been corresponding with your supervising missionary.



For further detail, please refer to the Associates Guidebook.