If you prefer to make a one-time donation, it can also be given through your local church missions program, phoned in, or mailed directly to the address below, with an indication of who the funds are for. You will need the AIMer or AMPer’s account number to include on your check or money order.

Global Missions
Short-Term Missions Support
36 Research Park Ct
Weldon Spring MO 63304

636.229.7966 (Jean Beth Hance)



Enrolling as a Partner in Missions means your support will remain effective as long as the Short-Term Missionary you specify remains under appointment or the Global Missions Administrative Committee instructs otherwise. You may enroll  below or pay a monthly pledge through your local church missions program (no need to enroll – just clearly designate who you want it to go when you give the money to your local church). ACH direct bank drafts are available upon request.


We have partnered with Mobile Cause, allowing you to donate via credit/debit card.

Note: We are phasing out single program keywords, moving everything over to gmSTM keywords. If you’re supporting somone on AIM but can’t find him/her, please check the STMers group.