UGANDA [1704]

Go!Center #1704

We are looking for Bible College Instructors. We have a campus of 35 Acres and average @30 Students on two year GATS program. There are small cottages available for staff, fully self contained, Many opportunities to minister on weekends in the Villages and Churches. We are looking for persons who have Bible College training or ministry experience. Our students range in age from 18 to 50, many have pastored for many years and are experienced pastors, teachers and evangelists; many come from trinitarian backgrounds.

Uganda is a Revival field with great growth. Over 1,200 churches in ten Regions; Also we have extension Bible Schools in different Regions in the  Vernacular Languages (In Uganda there are 57 languages) (an English speaker can be one of the instructors at the extensions with a interpreter, at the Campus it is all in English. Uganda is ready to have great Revival. You can be a great part of it. Miracles, signs and wonders and Healings are expected and are important to convince the People of the Power of Truth and Right Doctrine.

The AIMer would have to be financially self sufficient: an apartment, Wifi are available. You can cook your own meals or welcome to eat with staff. You would live on Campus, have a vehicle available to go to town (it would be good to come with an International Drivers license) , School is two, 14 week semesters a year, with a break in between;  February through September. Your time in field can vary as we can work at your schedule. We have eight instructors (including myself). With Instruction, Practicums, Leadership classes and Evangelism you will be very busy.

Major part of the students curriculum is practical, evangelism trips; travelling on weekends to teach and preach in the Seminars/Crusades. Mostly for second year students, there is a Local Community Church on Campus where all students are active.


Single= 700-1,000 a month depending on your activities and travels. Married: 1,200 - 1,500

*Upon appointment, the final budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.





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