Republic of Georgia [3201]

Go! Center #3201

Garmajoba! Hello from the Republic of Georgia!

We are looking for 1 or 2 young ladies to come to AIM in Georgia, to assist with teaching our children and to also work in the church in Tbilisi.

Our children are using Liberty Online Academy. Esther is 7, and she is going into the 2nd grade. Elijah is 4, and he is going to be starting Kindergarten.

We are currently on deputation but we are looking for Aimers to come to the field upon completion of deputation.  This would be for a 3 to 9-month term starting in 2023.

Aimers will assist with school 4 days a week. The Aimer will rent an apartment in Tbilisi. We are looking for young ladies that are organized, energetic, adventurous, and good communicators who will enjoy creating an atmosphere of learning for our children.

You will also have the opportunity to assist and minister in the church in Tbilisi and possibly travel with us to other cities when needed for ministry in your giftings;  (teaching, preaching, singing, playing instruments, outreach, children’s ministry)

You will also have the opportunity to explore and learn about the beautiful nation of Georgia.

God Bless,

Daniel & Tabitha DeTemple


$1,500/month not including airfare

*Upon appointment, the final budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.


Daniel DeTemple



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