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Bem-vindo a Portugal!

Welcome to Portugal — the pais de poetas (country of poets).

One of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal is home to a rich history of navigational exploits, beautiful scenery dotted with rugged cork trees, quaint bakeries with creamy pastel de nata, incredible coffee, and even the world’s oldest bookstore. But if you venture beyond the bright buildings of Lisbon and make your journey south, you will happen upon one of the best-kept secrets in Europe: the lovely Algarve region. 

Join us in the Algarve!

The Algarve stretches across the southernmost coastline of Portugal. Its landscape includes everything from the towering Monchique mountains to a series of breathtaking beaches with cool waters. Here you will find coastlines with limestone caves, Roman ruins, and grottoes by the sea. The Mediterranean climate is one of the sunniest in Europe, and its warmth is matched only by the friendliness and hospitality of its people. The Algarve is steeped in rich and vibrant traditions, spanning centuries and cultures, including castles, pottery and ceramics, and world-famous azulejo tiles. 

But the greatest treasure of the Algarve is its people. Its 450,000 permanent residents are hungry for something beautiful culture on its own cannot supply: the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

A wide-open door for great revival…but we need your help!

The four burgeoning works of the Algarve especially need help in:

  • Music ministry
  • Church planting
  • Children’s ministry
  • Dramas/theatre/plays
  • Soul winning and evangelism
  • Campus ministry
  • Teaching English

We need individuals, couples, and families to help in every area of ministry. If you have a love for people and a heart to serve, we have a place for you! 

While Portuguese speakers are encouraged, language study is available. 


Individuals – Not including airfare

  • 2 Months: $2,010
  • 3 Months: 3,015
  • 1 Year: $12,060

Couples – Not including airfare

  • 2 Months: $4230
  • 3 Months: $6,345
  • 1 Year: $25,380


$1,105/month per person - Not including airfare

*Upon appointment, the final budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.


Trecina Anderson



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